The Ornament.

reach out,
spin meanings into
sentences knit into scenes:
dialogue here, description there,
while chapters collect and connect;
sometimes push, sometimes pull, as
the path of the plot becomes clear,
and the peak comes into view…
whereupon a book appears,
a work of art wrought
from thought – a
life put into

© 2013 Christine Plouvier


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16 responses to “The Ornament.

  1. Reblogged this on yasniger and commented:
    nice……. love the pregnant picture of the words


  2. Th.


    This is an unusually fine example of concrete poetry. Nice job.


    • Thank you! I rarely write poetry, but after Calliope and Terpsichore moved in, commandeering the living room bookcase, boom box and desktop computer for “Irish Firebrands” (it’s not a poem, but at 195,000 words, it’s an epic), Thalia stopped by one evening last summer and dropped off a three-verse limerick, “Queen Medb of Connacht,” to go into Chapter 25. When NaNoWriMo happened last year, Clio and Melopomene showed up with steamer trunks in tow, and they put 50,000 words of “The Patriots” into the bedside laptop computer. Then Euterpe brought “The Ornament,” to hang on the Tannenbaum inside my head.


  3. That is beautiful, the meaning as well as the design. 🙂


  4. Thanks, Rachel. I’m always surprised when a poem happens to me. I hadn’t written one like this since I first learned about concrete poetry in elementary school, nearly fifty years ago.


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  7. That is so creative! What a cool idea!


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