Where did that Month Go?

One piece of advice that I received – oh … half a lifetime ago, I reckon, but from whom, I sadly can’t recall – was “Don’t write ‘TO DO’ lists. Write ‘I DID’ lists. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how productive you were, instead of beating yourself up for stuff that didn’t get done.”

It seemed like good advice at the time, but it’s even better, now, since I became disabled and have to remember not to compare myself ‘now’ with myself ‘then.’

“Hello, I’m Christine, and I’m a closet TO DO-lister.”

Hello, Christine.

“But with the help of my Higher Power, I’m learning to confine those TO-DOs to just errands outside the home. So, during the last 30 days, I DID …

  1. A little re-write and a lot of research for The New Book.
  2. Get two-thirds of the way through re-paginating the 6 x 9-inch trim size of Irish Firebrands for a different font size, so that soon there will be small, medium and large-print formats in paperback, to accommodate readers of varied visual acuity who don’t do e-books.
  3. Wander through the Blogosphere: lurking on most, commenting on a few.
  4. Work on marketing Irish Firebrands: learning about blog tours, joining a marketing e-group and preparing for a St. Patrick’s Day promo.
  5. Test recipes for a gluten-free cookbook that’s in the works.
  6. Put some thought into re-releasing two non-fiction books that I privately published several years ago.

“Not too bad, for somebody who has — as Gramma used to say — ‘one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel’.”

We’re with you, Christine.

“Thank you.”


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