Is This Cool, or What?

I just discovered … FIRE!

Er … not exactly … what I really did, was invent … THE WHEEL!

Em … or maybe it was … THE INTERNET!

Uh … no … Al Gore says he did that. Well….

I guess I’m just a bit slow getting out of the starting blocks, because … I used the Read Out Loud function in Adobe Acrobat®, for the first time. Microsoft® Sam can proofread and find typos, and he doesn’t get tired. With a little manipulation of the spelling and punctuation in Irish Firebrands, Sam’s diction improved enough, that he even spoke a little Gaeilge. In only one evening, Sam and I turned the front matter and nearly all of Chapter 1 of Irish Firebrands into decent-sounding audible text.

Now, Ma will be able to “read” my novel, just like the talking books she gets from the Library for the Blind.

How cool is that?

March 1 Update: Got that new CPU up and running, and Sam is not one of the available voices. How sad — he was one of only two (that I know of, at least) that could pronounce “Celtic” correctly, without being helped.

Programming ENIAC

Programming ENIAC


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