On the Shelf at the Library of Congress!

banner-center-lccnWhen you register a copyright at the Library of Congress, you have to send along two copies of your work; however, the Library does not keep all submissions after registering them. The ones it does keep get listed in its catalog … and Irish Firebrands is one of the books that the Library of Congress decided to keep!

See the catalog entry here: http://lccn.loc.gov/2012533846

The Library has it classified as “American Literature,” which I suppose makes sense, because the writer is an American citizen, and the protagonist is, too, although the majority of the story takes place in Ireland, and it mainly deals with Irish society, culture and history, along with some “human condition” issues (such as mental health) that transcend political boundaries. But what I think may have helped the most to qualify Irish Firebrands for retention, is the large bibliography, as evidence of the extensive research that went into writing the novel.

And speaking of research … look for a guest blog by WordPress blogger Angela Misri, author of the YA mystery novel, Jewel of the Thames , about what makes a well-researched novel more enjoyable to read. 


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2 responses to “On the Shelf at the Library of Congress!

  1. Woo Hoo! That’s very exciting! Good for you!


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