Which of These Books Have You Read?

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8 responses to “Which of These Books Have You Read?

  1. Just the Beverly Lewis book. She’s amazing!


    • Lewis is the only author of Amish fiction that I’ve read, so far. She seems to be knowledgeable (there are lots of Amish and Mennonite settlers in my part of Indiana). How do you think Lewis compares to other writers in her genre?


      • I absolutely love her Amish fiction the best! Wanda Brunstetter is good, as well. Though Beverly’s are generally about old order Amish set in PA, while Wanda’s are usually in IN and they are a slightly more progressive people. (However, since you’re from IN, you might like hers better.) When Beverly write a series, there is usually one protagonist in all the series, but when Wanda writes a series, she generally switches POVs in each book to be a different sister, cousin, etc. Beverly has a bit more of the High German in hers, which is also interesting.

        I’ve read a few other Amish authors that were not bad, but these two ladies are definitely at the top of my list, with Beverly being far superior. She’s also a very sweet lady, too. (Do you follow her on Facebook?) On the 17th, I will be honoring her birthday with a poem about some of her works. Stay tuned… 😉


        • Which of her books have you read?


          • I’ve only read the one that’s pictured, which I think was Lewis’s first. I’ll look for her latest, so I can compare them. What do you think is Brunstetter’s best? I’m waiting for a library hold on an audiobook that’s set in Shipshewana (not far from where I live), but the name of the author escapes me. I don’t think it’s Brunstetter, though.


          • The Shunning is the first of a three book series, so you’ll definitely want to read the other two. The Postcard and The Crossroad (also by Lewis) is a great two-book series for people to start with her. With Brunstetter, I’d recommend starting with A Sister’s Secret, A Sister’s Test and A Sister’s Hope (3 book series). But frankly, with both Lewis and Brunstetter, I’ve never met a book I didn’t like of theirs, so I can’t really say I have a favorite or that one is best, because they’re all so good! If you can get Sanctuary by Lewis, that’s just a stand-alone book, and she co-wrote it with her husband, so it’s a little different. It’s about an Englisher protagonist who takes refuge in Amish Country and it’s more of a mystery than a romance in the plot. (I don’t actually consider her books romances, but there is usually a side-plot of a girl getting a husband involved.)


  2. Cassidy Frazee

    “A Thousand Splendid Suns” and “The Keys of the Kingdom:”.


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