Getting One’s Head Examined.

It’s about time, too! you’re thinking.*


If your window faces West,
You’d better close the blind,
‘Cause I can look out my back door
Due East, and read your mind!

Be that as it may … this afternoon, I completed a second interview as a research subject, for a dissertation by a PhD student at Ball State University. The study is entitled Pursuing a Dream at Midlife: Self-Direction of Writers with Their First Published Novel. Themes that were identified in the first interview included:

  • Experience of Writing
  • Meaning of Writing
  • Experience of Self-Publishing
  • Learning That Occurred

The Principal Investigator also told me that the transcript of our first interview ran to 60 pages (I just don’t know when to shut up). It’ll be interesting to see how this all comes together at the end of the study.

©2000, 2014 by Christine Plouvier


*Now, don’t deny it. I can hear everything you’re thinking – especially if you’ve got male pattern baldness. What! Didn’t you know? That high, domed forehead transmits brain waves from the frontal lobes, broadcasting them like the focused beam of a biosonar echolocation click train modulated by the melon of a sperm whale, porpoise or killer whale!


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