What I’m Doing on My Summer Vacation.


POP frontcoverNNWM3I wasn’t going to do Camp NaNoWriMo this year, but then I thought it would be a good opportunity to hammer away at the work-in-progress while I spend more time on the companion blog. I still have features I’ll be posting here, but in July my blogging focus will be on development of the companion site for The Passions of Patriots.

2014-Participant-Vertical-BannerThe NaNoWriMo crew has done some great work on the Campground. This time, in addition to having our choice of project and flexible word count goals, we get to have private cabins, to which we can invite up to 11 campers we already know, so I’ve registered for my own cabin. And the new graphics for this summer’s camp are really cool. (Click to enlarge detail.)



So, check out the new, improved Camp NaNoWriMo, and look for The Passions of Patriots companion blog to go live on July 1st.







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5 responses to “What I’m Doing on My Summer Vacation.

  1. Oh, so you’re definitely going to do it? I’m still up in the air about participating. I’m in editing mojo and don’t necessarily want to stop to start writing something new just yet, though I would like to give it a go. But I definitely want to do it in November.

    How close are you to finishing Passions? Or do I need to wait for the new blog to tell me? 😉


    • The cool thing about Camp is that you don’t need to start something new (I’m not). You can do your own thing, such as editing your manuscript (they have a “revision” category you can choose, when registering your project). You may be wondering how to set a word goal for editing. It’s entirely arbitrary on your part, but here’s an idea: Somebody (I don’t remember who) once said something to the effect that an unedited finished manuscript can afford to lose one page out of every four. If I were going to edit Irish Firebrands, which has just under 200K words, that would mean editing out the standard NaNoWriMo count of 1667 per day, or about 5.5 pages. In other words, figure out how much you may want to lose, and add up your losses to reach that goal.

      (Passions is a long way from being finished.)


      • Wow, really? For my editing, I’ve been increasing word count. I added about 10K to the one I just finished. I’ll have to check out the NaNo website again and see what I can find.


        • If you’re the kind who just writes without editing until you’re done, you’d probably find a bunch of placeholder summaries that would need further development into scenes, which would add to word count. I edit that stuff as I write, so when the book’s done, I don’t have any placeholders left, and my final editing is mainly nit-picky little stuff that just shaves off itsy bits.


          • Well, unfortunately, up until now, I’ve been the type that wrote before reading the current rules of writing. So what I have left is POV’s to clean up, replacing some showing vs. telling and then moving some backstory. However, now that I’m grasping the “rules,” it shouldn’t be a problem for future works. 🙂


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