Can Ya Hear Me, Now?

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Original Nipper


Nipper Redux

There are probably easier ways of doing this, but they also probably cost a lot of money. Because this is a no-budget production, I have to do the best I can with freeware – and some wonderfully dedicated volunteer Beta readers!

Like Nipper’s portrait, this project is still subject to editing. Please send any suggestions that can help improve the playback, via the Guestbook & Feedback page, above.

I hope to have a longer preview at PureVolume. Sorry, no ETA yet for the complete book, but we’re getting close!

Testing … testing … one, two, three …


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5 responses to “Can Ya Hear Me, Now?

  1. Well done Christine! My only comment would be that Im not too keen on the automated voice… I’d prefer a real one!


    • I would, too, Ali, but it’s not in the budget (my own voice has changed, and doesn’t record well). They’re definitely droids, but I’ve tested several dozen voices, and when compared to earlier technology, these are the best ones I’ve heard.

      Would you be so kind as to give a simple ranking to the three voices?


  2. I like the opening voice the best of those three, but believe it or not, I like Hazel the best. The second lady is too fast and the man is difficult to understand. I didn’t care for Hazel at first, but now I’m used to her and she is a lot easier to understand than she was in Chapter One.

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    • Thanks for the feedback! The first voice is Hazel, pitch the same, but slowed down one notch. I can only adjust the speed on the other two, and the calibration is not as fine. To me, sometimes the man sounds like Alexander Scourby crossed with Cary Grant.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Really? Wow! The first voice doesn’t sound nearly as computerized as Hazel. The second one just goes so fast, she kind of gave me a headache. You’re right about the man, too! LOL!


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