A Declaration for Independents.

Upon the conclusion of a season dedicated to examining the true nature of Writing as Art and The 7 Reasonable Rules that govern it, we close this celebration of Artistic Independence with the publication of a Minuta Carta for Independent Author-Publishers:

minuta carta

WHEREAS the publishing industry has falsely classified Writing as a craft, over which it has asserted its control of Writing subjects, styles and sales, when, in fact, Writing is a true Art, beholden only to the subjective assessment of its Patron, the Reader; Authors, as Independent Artists, hereby embrace the Freedom and purpose of Written Art to Communicate, and declare that the intangible Art of Writing is Independent from the rules of tangible crafts.

WE HOLD that the Art of Writing – whether Fiction or Non-fiction, Prose or Poetry – has the right to be governed only by The 7 Reasonable Rules of Writing: Excellent Spelling: because the fundamental elements of Communication are Words, which must be intelligible to all Readers; Good Grammar: because the arrangement of Words is what successfully communicates Messages; Sufficient correct Punctuation for signage on the path to meaning: because the effectiveness of Writers’ Messages depends on Readers’ mental reproduction of Speech; Thorough Research: because Readers’ Trust depends upon Writers’ Truth; Understanding of literary Conventions: because their proper use is to cultivate creativity in Writers and promote its potential to Readers; Love for language and loyalty to its complete Lexicon: because limiting use of any Part of Speech risks lost access to the Writing of Millennia; and Writing by inspiration, rather than controlling the performance of the tale:  because Creativity is innate, infinite and intended to be Enjoyed.

AND THIS WE DO, to proclaim the Freedom of Writers to reclaim their Rights as Creators of Written Art.

TO THIS END, we promulgate as constitutional the Principles of the Desiderwriter; practice The 7 Reasonable Rules of Writing; proudly bear the Indie Author’s Coat of Arms, post its Badge, and uphold its Motto: I Regret Nothing; and pledge allegiance to the Indie Author’s Flag:

I am a Writer. I believe in my Medium, my Method, my Message, and Myself, because I am an Artist.

Thank you for participating! As we depart, let us march out singing the Authors’ Anthem!

(Click on the image to download a copy of the Minuta Carta.)


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5 responses to “A Declaration for Independents.

  1. I love your Minuta Carta! You’ve got creativity oozing out all over. 🙂

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  2. Thank you! Be sure to get your free copies from the Downloads page!

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