Happy Eleventy-first, Gramma!

A tribute to a lady who had much to do with my creativity…

Gramma, 2nd from left, 1908

c. 1920


Babcia, Gramma & Ma, 1932

Gramma & me


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7 responses to “Happy Eleventy-first, Gramma!

  1. Aww, those are all sweet photos! (Being a professional photographer who appreciates all historical photos, I especially love the first one and the wedding photo. And the one with you is so cute!) Happy 111th, Christine’s Gramma! 🙂

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    • Thanks! My genealogy software doesn’t like their wedding, however: it keeps griping at me because Grandpa was 34 and Gramma was 18. (I just tell it, “Big hairy deal,” and cancel the warning.) You might have found the 1920 studio shot more interesting if it wasn’t cropped, but I wanted to focus on Gramma’s pretty face. The last picture was taken the day we moved away from Gramma’s house to our own home. I was nine months old, and Gramma had to alligator-wrestle me, to keep me still enough to photograph.

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      • Aww, that’s such a sweet memory. ❤ I was just thinking of you this weekend when I read a blurb about how more and more people are making money being "professional genealogists" from the comfort of their own home and then they make presentation boards for the people who hire them to give as gifts and get to use their creativity as well. It seemed right up your alley (among the many other talents you have).

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  2. I love those photographs! They’re so enchanting. 🙂 Happy eleventy-first to your Gramma!

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    • Thank you! The four little girls were the first ones of the first generation of my family to be born in the USA (my grandfathers were born in France and Poland). Gramma told me their mother was crouched behind the heavily draped chair, holding the baby upright on the seat. I wish the yokes on their dresses would magnify more clearly; they may have been hand-embroidered, perhaps with traditional Polish motifs. I never thought to ask Gramma about that, but she did say that her cuffs were always shiny, from wiping her nose on them.

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  3. What wonderful images Christine! I especially love the first one and the bridal pic. They have scanned really well. What lovely memories, thanks for sharing them with us.


  4. Aww Happy Birthday Gramma! Isn’t it mind boggling to think that someone around in 1908 has a grand-daughter posting her pic on the internet? I look at those photos and think about the life they must have lived and compare it today….mind blowing. Times change so quickly! Makes me wonder what my grandchildren will be up to someday.

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