Final Ascent.

stony path
ahead, leads up
a cold mountainside
to an old village amid a
thick mist; the sun sets, but
I halt my litter among the leaves,
for the flaming maples heat my heart
more now, than did the spring blossoms,
on that long-ago morning when I left home.

DCF 1.0









text © 2014 Christine Plouvier

Inspired by Tu Mu (803–852)

Thanks to Robert Okaji for introducing this poet!

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7 responses to “Final Ascent.

  1. Love the both the literal and figurative visuals you’ve created with this poem! 🙂

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  2. … excellent wordsmithing, m’Lady 🙂

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  3. Oh, that’s breathtaking! I hope your library has another poetry contest and you enter this one. 🙂


    • Thanks, Rachel! They probably will, and although I haven’t written many poems in my life, I’ll probably keep doing so. One thing that has kept me in the poetry mode is the discovery that one of my characters in “The Passions of Patriots” becomes a “trench poet.”

      I’m grateful to Robert Okaji for finding the poets whose work I’ve reinterpreted in my blogs. I’ve spent a lot of time enjoying Pearl S. Buck’s fictional vision of the pre-revolutionary Chinese, but I never would have thought of looking to their ancient poets for inspiration.

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