Genre fiction vs. Literary fiction – Can’t we all get along? (reblog)

There is so much about my writing that is genre, and so much about it that is literary, that it is impossible for me to “market” it, because so many people have bought into the notion that all writing needs to be labeled, when the truth is that the labels were invented, and their inventors are trying to get all writing to be made in the image of those labels, which in and of themselves are meaningless.

Life is not lived in one dimension: it is a continual mix of sagacity and silliness, of profundity and pettiness, of rousing dreams and daunting realities; so why should the Art that possesses the most power to express Life be any different? And yet, Authors as Artists are bound and gagged by the expectation that they will censor their communication, in conformance with discrete categories. Other Artists and forms of Artistic self-expression do not submit to obiter dicta that polarize and isolate them and their works in this manner.

And so, in order to cope with this conundrum, I have had to come up with an appropriate label on my own: Fusion Fiction. I do not call it a label “of” my own, for I am not the only writer who has endured this dilemma, and I do not want it to be “my” label, but for it to be adopted by the multitude of writers whose voices are not heard because their unique works are hidden by the system.

Ibukun Taiwo

literary vs genreI’m pissed right now. Really really pissed.

If you read what I just read, you’re be pissed too. See for yourself:

How does [the writer] seemingly climb into our heads—and not even “our heads” but “my head,” because it feels so personal, so specific—without actually knowing us or our circumstances, and from that vantage point proceed to unfold a narrative that we are certain was written only with us, only with me in mind? I don’t know how it is done. It isn’t taught in any school, not even in the schools of writing. But here’s my guess: the writer takes us into her confidence, but does it without appearing to do so. This invitation into the writer’s thoughts is there in all works that really get under the reader’s skin….

Now, if you are reading a romance novel or a thriller, all of this is irrelevant. There are…

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  1. I so completely agree with your comments and the original blog post. I reblogged the original with a mention who was wonderful enough to find and show it to me first.

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