The WriMo That Wasn’t.

I didn’t find out about NaNoWriMo until I was about a third of the way into writing my first novel, so Irish Firebrands was not a product of that program. I began writing The Passions of Patriots for the 2012 NNWM, and added to it during the 2013 event and two Camp NNWMs, in 2013 and 2014. But this year has demonstrated the end of the program’s usefulness for my WIP, so today I’m throwing in the towel.


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Granted, I’m a bit overextended, what with the effort involved in wrapping up production of the Irish Firebrands audiobook, writing this blog and developing its fleet of spin-offs.

New Author Promotion Site from the Irish Firebrands fleet of blogs!

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But NNWM is also geared towards getting the quick-and-dirty writing out of the way, and I knew most of that was done by the time I started this year’s Camp. Now only the slow, sticky stuff remains, and like the mud on the Western Front, you can’t sprint through that.

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So until The Passions of Patriots is done and dusted, and I’m ready to start on the sequel to Irish Firebrands (or whatever other story line the Muses decide to throw at me, by then), I bid a fond farewell to NaNo and all my fellow WriMos, toiling away like Nibelungs in Alberich’s cave: May your Tarnhelms never lose their lustre!

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7 responses to “The WriMo That Wasn’t.

  1. And there’s the reminder to get my stuff together and finish getting on the new site. Too much to do, too little time. Heck, I can’t even find time to promote my own books because I’m reading and reviewing too many other ones. *facepalm*

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    • Hope to see your stuff, as soon as it’s ready. I need to get another blog post up on that one, too. It’s not like I have a life (as do most other people around here). It’s just that, at this phase of my existence, everything I have to do takes so dang long, anymore….


  2. I’m in that point where I’m 13k from winning this year, but wondering if the quick-and-dirty writing that I need is done on the WIP… close so I’m going to keep pushing. Fleshing out some character sketches, writing up some important scenes that take place outside of the story time-frame… seeing what I can do to help give me more materials come rewrite/revise/editing time.

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  3. I’m still stuck in that particular “employment” project that I told you about a while back. As such, I couldn’t even think about participating. 😦 On a happier note, I’ve decided it’s time to take my life back and I’ll be putting in notice to leave that project by the end of December. (In 2013, I managed to write a first draft of six MSs. In 2014, I managed only one and three-fourths. I’m feeling very bitter about the whole situation.) 😦

    I was hoping that I could do NaNo and that you’d be doing it, too. But hopefully by the time the next one rolls around, you’ll be back in a position to participate again and I will too. 😀

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