Another Year Bit the Dust.

HL8911_aDecember marked two years of Irish Firebrands blogging. Did you miss any of these posts? Fifty posts will be listed in the right sidebar. Updates to this page will appear in the Index pages, above. If a link won’t work, please advise via the Feedback page.


HR1341_T‘A tree is a bush that made it.’

7 Reasonable Rules of Writing, The

A Declaration for Independents

All in a Day’s Work

HR1271_TAll You Need Is Love

Am I Older than Dirt?*


Another Chapter Heard From!

HR1612Another Irish Lesson Heard From!

Another Voyage

Author Interview – Christine Plouvier

Authors’ Anthem (poetry, parody, poster)

Behold the Power of Bergkäse

HR1181_SBehold the Power of Limericks! (poems, humorous)

Bird’s-Eye View, A


Blog Award

Blog Navigation

HR1151_SBreaking Out of The Bubble

Can Ya Hear Me, Now?

Coming Soon: Another Author Promotion Site!

Dealing with Difficult Characters

Declaration for Independents, A (poster)

HP8571Desiderwriter (poem, parody, poster)

Don’t Give Me the Stink Eye, But…

Eh? What’s That, You Say?

Embracing Our Art

Enough Rope to Hang Ourselves

HH9212_aEyes Have It!, The


Final Ascent (poem, concrete)

Fire Burne, and Cauldron Bubble

From Shaman to Seanchaí

HP8511From The Slush Pile (poetry award)

Fusion Fiction: R S V P !

G’day, Gutenberg! ’Allo, Aldo!

Genre Generation, The


HA2522_aGetting My Head Examined (poem, humor)

Gory Details, The

Happy Cliché Utilization Day! (poem, parody, poster)

Happy Days Were Here Again

Happy Eleventy-first, Gramma!

HP2201_bHappy Little Keys

Hath Music Charms…

Here’s Your Brain, on Books

Hey! Don’t Stela The Covers!*

Hold That Thought!

HP2111_aHow’s My Driving?

I Can Hear the Ocean Roar

I Can’t Believe I Wrote the Whole Thing!

I Did It – And I’m Glad!

I Know Why The Penned Duck Quacks

HN9971_aI May Not Know Art, But…

I Was Here…And So Were You

If Life Imitated Art

IFAQ (Infrequently Asked Questions)

Indie Author Coat of Arms! (poster)

HP1441_aIndie Author Flag! (poster)

Into the Unknown

Irish Lessons for the Gaeilge-Impaired

Is It A Guy Thing?

January White Sale

HN7971Joys of Editing, The

Just the Facts, Ma’am

Known Only to God?

Leaving the Pavilion (poem, concrete)

Let’s Get Out of the Gutter

HN5791Life Imitating Art Imitating Life….

Me, Tarzan. You, Genre.


More Irish Vocabulary

More Olfactory Observations

HN5801NaNoWriMo 2013: Week Three Blues

NaNoWriMo 2013: “The World Needs Your Novel”

New Blog On The Horizon!

New Feature! Sample Chapters!

Nose Knows, The

AV1741_bNot Your Mother’s “Mills & Boon”

Novel Nibbles & Celtic Connections

Old Woman Never had any Trouble Until She Bought Herself a Pig, The

On the Shelf at the Library of Congress! (Updated)

HL2421_aOnce More, With Feeling…

One More Day (poem, haiku)

One More Irish Lesson: Séarlas Óg

Ornament, The (poem, concrete)

Oyez! Oyez!

HA2512_aParanormal Perk!, A

Patience, Grasshoppers!

Poem of the Parallel Universe, A (poetry)

Poll: Recipes from Irish Firebrands

Portal to the Parallel Universe, A

I-cannot-sleep-unless-I-am-surroundedPsst! Are You Feeling …

Quiet Night, A (poem)

Quoth the Pilcrow….

Random Reading, Rabid Writing

Reflection (quotation, poster)

HK8888_aSight for Sore Eyes, A

Size Matters

Sound of Muzak, The

Sounds of Silence, The

Spare Change?

HJ7418_aThat’s Artificial Intelligence, For You*

Third Rail Writing

Tilting At Windmills

To Everything There Is A Season…

Touching You, Touching Me

HR2912Twenty Thousand Words Under The Keys

Update: Blog Navigation/Directory

Voices Inside Your Head

Warning! Grammar Police Checkpoint Ahead!

Watch Your Language!

HL8988_aWe Are Experiencing Technical Difficulties. Please Stand By….

We Write The Songs…

What I’m Doing on My Summer Vacation

What We Have Here…

HR1051_SWhat’s YOUR Claim to Fame?

When Irish Eyes Are…Snowing?

When Nine Muses Become Your Roommates…

Where did that Month Go?

HL8941_aWhere Have All The Posies Gone?

Which of These Books Have You Read?

Who’s On First?

Why I am Not a Speedy Writer

HR2861_FWhy I Remember

Will You Still Read Me…

Worse than Breeding Elephants

Write What You Know

Writer’s Cramp

HM2861_aWriting, Art and the Fifth Column



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  1. Congratulations on two awesome years! 😀 (P.S. I LOVE the shirts!)


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