Irish Firebrands Exhibit at the Authors’ Virtual Gallery.

Let’s try something fun,” Craig Boyack said. “You have a cabinet, a shelf, or even a room to decorate. You have to decorate it with ‘trophies’ from your fiction. I’ll just snitch some items from the basement of the writing cabin.”

Here are the artifacts I chose from my novel (click images to enlarge):

A Drawing from Frank's Sketchbook

Lana's Brooch





How will you curate your exhibit?

Drawings from an illustrated Beta edition of Irish Firebrands, ©2013 Christine Plouvier. All Rights Reserved.



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5 responses to “Irish Firebrands Exhibit at the Authors’ Virtual Gallery.

  1. Nice. No one else had images yet. Great way of doing this.

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  2. Very cool, Christine! Are these actually in the book? (If so, I can’t hear them in the audio edition. LOL!) 🙂

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    • The story of Mo’s harp first appeared in Chapter 5. We read about the torc in Chapters 13 and 14, and occasionally thereafter. We read about the drawing of the clover plant in Chapter 19. We find out about the brooch in Chapters 26 and 27.

      The pictures were in a special edition that’s currently not in print. There were more (including the floor plans that featured in the blog post “A Bird’s-Eye View,” at, but these and the floor plans were the best of them. I may put some of them back into a hardcover gift edition.

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