No Free Lunch.

620px-Yogi_Bear_with_-don't_feed_the_bears-_message_-_NARA_-_286013Authors are being hurt by piracy and plagiarism.

Where do pirates and plagiarists obtain the writing they steal? Books with unregistered copyright, and cheap (priced far below value) or free e-books.

Unregistered copyrights encourage intellectual property theft.

Free or cheap e-books make it easy and inexpensive to produce illegal copies.

Cheap or free e-books make it difficult for all Authors to make a living.


Not your cuddly teddy bear.

Authors, defend your hard work.

Register copyright. The certificate is legal proof of ownership.

Price your writing fairly. Charge commensurate with the work’s value.

Discontinue all free e-book giveaways. Award only bound printed copies. Limit digital sample size.

Support public library borrowing: the ethical way to obtain and read free books.


Please, don’t feed the bears.


To show your support for
the right of Arts laborers to be paid for their work,

Visit and join this Facebook group:





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4 responses to “No Free Lunch.

  1. I love the way you tied the vintage Smokey and Yogi into your message. 🙂

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  2. marianallanos

    Excellent points!

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