Hurrah! Irish Firebrands is Now a Library Book!

My First Reader contacted me, to say that Irish Firebrands has showed up in her local library:




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4 responses to “Hurrah! Irish Firebrands is Now a Library Book!

  1. YAY! That is amazing news! Congratulations! 😀

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    • Thanks! 😀 Now, I just need to make sure the rest of the libraries in Indiana will carry it! 🙂 Then, on to the rest of the states! It should be on all of the printed library book aggregator lists, as well as in the OverDrive e-book catalog…. 😉

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      • Do you know how they got it? Did they buy it on Amazon? I wonder if you could send email requests for each library to carry it as if you were a patron, and perhaps they’d order it?


        • The CreateSpace print-on-demand outfit notified me of a sale, and the amount I received corresponded to what’s left of the price of a paperback after a sale through a library book aggregator. The sale occurred shortly before I was told that Firebrands had been seen on the shelf.

          Like any kind of professional selling, “cold calls” to libraries take some marketing research to result in sales. Right now I’m working my way through the State Library database and the regional lending consortium to find out who to contact, and visit websites to see what kind of programs each participating library runs. Do they have book blogs? Are they looking for Hoosier authors? Do they run book discussion clubs? Do writer’s groups (like local NaNoWriMos) meet there? If libraries don’t know me personally, I need to show them how they’ll benefit from their adding my product to their inventory.


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