As a ‘Pantser’ Author, isn’t it great when a ‘Non-Plan’ comes together?…

Some folks disapprove of pantser writing. They seem to think it involves writing aimlessly, but as Seumas Gallacher shows here, that’s not true. We know where we’re going, although we may not know exactly how we’re getting there (I wrote the end of my first novel long before I was sure how it started). It’s fun to watch the holes zip themselves closed. Here or there a zipper may catch a bit of lint or miss a tooth, but we’re looking for that when we edit and proofread, which many of us do as we write (although Irish Firebrands still took more than a year of additional polishing, to graduate from the Beta edition). I believe that writing should be a pleasant occupation, and the spontaneity of being a pantser keeps it that way, for me.

Seumas Gallacher

…if yeez aren’t a writer, author, or scribbler of some fashion, yeez may not understand the post title today… but for sure, the rest of yeez, the Lads and Lassies of Blog Land’ll get it right away…


…for the uninitiated, the thought line is that quill-scrapers fall into two basic categories… ‘planners’ and ‘pantsers’‘planners’are the ones who meticulously plot out the narrative flow, character deployment and development, WURD count, story arcs, chapter contents, background details on major and minor cast players… the tag, ‘pantsers’, derives from ‘seat-of-the-pants’ authoring, almost divining it all as yeez go along, not knowing where yer story’s going next… others will tell yeez, in truth, most of us employ a mixture of these approaches, and this ol’ Jurassic believes there is no set ‘correct’ manner to  craft yer masterpieces… ‘chacun a son gout’… whatever WURKS for yerself in my book……

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