It’s Sneak Peek Week!


Are you looking for a new author to try?

Would you like to join a writer on the adventure of producing a new work?




Have you published a work that you’d like more folks to enjoy?





Do you have a work-in-progress for which you’d like some feedback?




Then, here’s an opportunity for you:


If you find no links that appeal to you in the comment area below, please post there the genre(s) you are interested in reading, so authors and writers can reply with links.

When you visit a link, if the sample is published with an invitation for feedback, follow the site’s instructions for submitting comments.

If you go on to read a complete work, please leave an appropriate review at sites where it will benefit the author and other readers.


Tommaso_da_modena,1352_ Authors and Writers:

Post in the comment area below, a link to a sample from your finished work or work-in-progress (do not post the sample itself: WordPress filters very long comments to Spam).

Shortlinks for samples that are published on blogs (posts, pages, or media documents) are preferred. If you post two or more regular URLs, WordPress may filter your comment into Spam.

The sample can be a whole chapter, a scene, or other passage.

If you link to a preview at a retailer, please be sure it includes more text than front matter (not just mostly the cover, blurbs, title page, copyright, table of contents, etc.) – we want to sample your story, as we would if we were browsing in a brick-and-mortar bookshop.

 Thank you for participating … and keep turning pages!


“My best friend is a person who will give me a book I have not read.” – Abraham Lincoln



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16 responses to “It’s Sneak Peek Week!

  1. Click to access The_Remnant_Excerpt.pdf

    Link is for a sample from my twin’s science fiction novel, The Remnant. (The second sequel to this one, The Madness Engine, is very nearly finished and will be published soon. We now have new cover art – yay!)

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  2. What a great idea, Christine!

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    • Thanks, Connie! I plan to host Sneak Peek Week on a regular basis, and intend for it to be an informal opportunity for authors to share whatever part of their work is their current pride and joy, as well as a way to point traffic to both their major works and their blogs. I hope writers and readers will take me up on it.

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  3. Rose F This link is to a fantasy short story on my blog. It’s set in the same world as my summer releases on Amazon, which you can also learn about on the blog. Thank you for the opportunity, Christine!

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  4. Reblogged this on brittneysahin and commented:
    Christine offers a regular opportunity for you to share your work. Check her out & thank you Christine for supporting fellow indies!

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  5. Thanks Christine!
    This is a link to my upcoming romance suspense novel: Silenced Memories
    There are sample excerpts and behind the scenes info there!

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  6. Thought this was a great idea and shared on twitter.

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  7. Don’t be bashful, folks! I know there are many of you out there who have shared snippets of your works. Here’s a chance to post links to your best excerpts, and have them at the top of this blog’s home page for a week, every month. My peek is at Smashwords, and right now it’s a 51% preview: you can read more than half of Irish Firebrands for free. It’s finished, full-length literary fiction, so it’s like reading two free 50,000-word novellas. Download the preview at


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