There Went the Blogosphere.*

This blog began 2½ years ago, as an attempt to figure out what my brain was doing behind my back, when I wrote Irish Firebrands. Since then, I’ve also spun off a blog site for the historical research behind my primary work-in-progress, The Passions of Patriots. My second work-in-progress, Once Burnt, Twice Blind, doesn’t have its own blog yet, but I hope I can make that happen, as well as develop some other domain names I’ve reserved.

The ides of the month will mark the beginning of another Sneak Peek Week. That’s when I make my blog post of that name stick to the front page, to give other writers a chance to share bits of their works-in-progress, or samples from their published works. Any writer in any genre is welcome to participate (see the blog page, to find out how). Readers are also invited to share what kind of peeks they’d like to sneak.

Another networking opportunity is my blog FUSION FICTION. This is a site that’s meant to unite, encourage, and promote authors who cross genre lines, either by their mixing genres within single works, or across the whole of their output of books. They can publish book covers, trailers, sample chapters, author bios, and blog posts about Fusion Fiction. Like other author promotion blogs, it has general rules for participation, to keep things safe and orderly, and specific qualifications for participation, because it’s for a writing niche. If you write Fusion Fiction, and have sent the sign-up form to indicate your interest in joining, Thank You! I’m saving up entries because it will be easier for me to process several authors at once, so I appreciate your patience. If you’re acquainted with other Fusion Fiction authors, please pass the word.

You don’t have to be Irish to tag along with the Irish Firebrands family of blogs (I’m French and Polish). Regular visitors include international bloggers and authors in all genres, including poetry, short stories, and nonfiction. My following has grown slowly, and it’s still not large, but attrition has been very low, which I hope means that my blog posts have offered value to those who have been kind enough to “like,” comment, and re-blog them.

I’ll be the first to admit that my writing and blogging projects are ambitious, for a person with disabilities that make everything take a very long time to do, but I’m also a person with interests that I’d like to share more widely. So, if you’re an author or an avid reader, please participate in Sneak Peek Week, and if you’ve published mixed-genre works, please come and join Fusion Fiction, to help our community grow over there, too.

I’m usually up late, and I’ll leave the porch light on.

* With apologies to

photo by Alan Light

photo by Alan Light


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2 responses to “There Went the Blogosphere.*

  1. Wow, so much going on in your neck of the woods. Nice of you to share the spotlight with others, too. The online writing community is a wonderfully supportive one, I find.

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