The Siege Continues….

Battle_of_Vicksburg,_Kurz_and_AllisonJust a brief personal status update. Diagnostic tests done during a couple of recent visits to the Emergency department revealed both fair and foul news. The fight to find a way out of the corner I’m in has had a modest success and a disconcerting setback. For the time being, much of the battlefield is still in decent shape, and the acute condition that sent me to the hospital was remedied by a few hours of emergency treatment. Some other problems now have identified reasons that are not so easily overcome, and a planned healthcare procedure was postponed (a big disappointment, because I had looked forward to getting it over with last month), pending consultation with other practitioners – which in two cases won’t happen until mid-November, and in another won’t happen until mid-February. When I was studying for my Master’s degree in healthcare administration, I learned that there are much more efficient ways to schedule people to get the help they need, in a timely manner. (Don’t let anyone tell you there isn’t healthcare rationing in the USA. It just goes by a different name.)

As always, your positive thoughts and prayers are deeply appreciated.



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2 responses to “The Siege Continues….

  1. So sorry to hear of your ongoing difficulties. It’s so frustrating when our bodies don’t do what we want them to do, and not being able to have the issues addressed in a timely manner adds painful fuel to the fire. Hope things look up soon.

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