What Are You Waiting For? Write That Great Book!

Question_book-6You have plenty of material for a solid start on it, because you’ll combine and rearrange the facts to suit the truth. Thirty-four 2000-word, 15 to 20-minute chapters yield a thorough short novel (like Treasure Island); thirty-four 5000 to 6250-word, 30 to 40-minute chapters yield a literary or fusion fiction epic (like Irish Firebrands).

indigo-quillStart now, but not on Page One; just write whatever comes to you: beginnings, middles and ends of chapters, in no particular order. Rewrite as you go, if you like, but don’t fret about finishing chapters, or even scenes: Trust me, the holes will close. When finished, if you’re a good writer (equal to all but the costliest “professional” editors) and are rigorous with your revisions, you can reasonably avoid fees for line, copy and content editing.

Open_book_01When you begin final revision and publication formatting, set up dedicated promotional blog and social media, for early publicity, and to perhaps get pre-publication orders (I didn’t do that, but it wouldn’t have made any difference if I had, because I don’t write popular “genre fiction”). For cover art, use your own high-quality photos, or find something that’s open-licensed (or public domain) at Wikimedia Commons; use CreateSpace free paperback setup (but I don’t recommend pushing the Kindle button: it’s Amazon’s author ripoff); use Smashwords free e-book setup; set an appropriate price; and register copyright (USA authors: send the Library of Congress two bound copies and a debit for the registration fee).

UncsamendorsesI’ll be looking for your magnum opus!



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2 responses to “What Are You Waiting For? Write That Great Book!

  1. There’s so much out there now for writers to take advantage of. Providing we look out for those who try to take advantage of us. 😉

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  2. Beware of the barking dog? Since I was a child they told me that “who barks doesn’t bite”…
    🙂 claudine


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