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IRISH FIREBRANDS: A Novel ~ and Other Works by Christine Plouvier, Indie Author

RichardWagner Richard Wagner, 1813-1883

I listen to instrumental music when I write. It’s mostly classical music, varied with ethnic music from the area I’m writing about, and motion-picture soundtracks. My all-time favorite composer is Richard Wagner.

Our relationship started out rocky, as many do. I was entering my early teens when my mother borrowed an LP of the first act of DieWalküre from the public library. It was an ancient recording that featured Lauritz Melchior as Siegmund and Lotte Lehman as Sieglinde.

It was also summertime, we didn’t have air-conditioning, and my mother liked to play music LOUD.

I was horrified. This was not the kind of music I wanted to have emanating from a house that other people knew I lived in.

I dressed up as a protesting Flower Child, and posed for a Polaroid photo, holding a sign that said, “Help Stamp Out Opera.” But it was a fruitless gesture…

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