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IRISH FIREBRANDS: A Novel ~ and Other Works by Christine Plouvier, Indie Author

As part of my cultural immersion research for IrishFirebrands, I began looking for Irish or “Celtic” Traditional music. I wasn’t too enthused about the popular brand of Irish “set dancing” that had been touring the world for several years, but fortunately, fairly early on, I discovered this performance – and I was hooked on “seán-nós” dancing. (click on image to watch)


ComhaltasLive #272-5: Seán Nós Dancing by Brian CunninghamComhaltasLive #272-5: Seán Nós Dancing by Brian Cunningham

Later, I purchased a few albums of compatible listening (discography appears in blog footnotes).

celtic treasureceltic Harpestrydance of the celts

Eventually, my Trad favorites from these albums evolved into a “soundtrack” that was keyed to particular characters or episodes in the book (bold items have URL links, or they can be heard below; some different album covers are shown).

  1. Chapter 1: Overture (Planxty Burke, Planxty Drew) [Celtic Treasure]
  2. Chapter 1: That Bolshie Donkey (John O’Connor) [Celtic Treasure]
  3. Chapter 1: Saturday Night at Geary’s Pub (The £5 Flute, Donald…

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