More Olfactory Observations.

IRISH FIREBRANDS: A Novel ~ and Other Works by Christine Plouvier, Indie Author

00-Nez-human_noseHere’s what the characters in IrishFirebrands smelled in Chapters 11-20:

1. Lana had expected the farmyard to be muddy and malodorous, but the earth turned out to be hard-packed, pebbly clay, and the odour of ordure was muted.

2. The door swung open on squealing hinges; then large hands hurled the bike aside and hauled her to her feet and into a tight embrace … where she was enveloped in the aura of pipe tobacco that clung to a thin, soft shirt veiling warm, hard muscles – and for one mad moment, it was the fragrance of heaven.

3. The shop exuded the same musty, dusty smell possessed by every other such establishment of her acquaintance.

4. The cloudburst swept down the street and the scent of rain wafted in … freshening the ancient atmosphere that seeped from the building.

5. “When I was courting her, I smoked cigarettes…

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