Don’t Give Me the Stink Eye, But…

IRISH FIREBRANDS: A Novel ~ and Other Works by Christine Plouvier, Indie Author

564px-Frown_(8187991157)Chapters 21-34 of IrishFirebrands yielded eighteen more sentences referring to smells, one cliché (derived from the reflex of turning one’s nose away from a stench), and a poem recited by a character. Only five chapters in the whole novel make no olfactory observations. This averages out to just over two references per chapter for those that do, and just under two for all chapters.

1. “It smells good, too.”

2. Lana locked herself into the flat, and then leant against the door with her eyes shut, savouring the faint, familiar scent that would always mean – Dillon!

3. She grasped a woolly fold and held it to her cheek – its warm, soft prickliness evoking a fantasy of snuggling against Dillon’s fuzzy chest and abdomen – but the aura she sought was too faint.

4. Dillon’s scent on the pillow seduced Lana into staying the night in his flat…

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