The Daughters of Zeus (1)




The invasion began on a quiet morning in mid-February, 2009. I awoke with a blink of a scene and a snippet of dialogue in my head. It wasn’t anything I’d been dreaming; it was more like something from a book or a movie, but I’d never read or seen anything like it. I picked up a notebook and pencil that I kept at the bedside, and jotted some impressions: a tall man, a short woman, a stone house, a leafless orchard, what I thought they were saying….

I thought, I wonder where that could have happened.

A voice replied, “Ireland.”

I was stunned, but not just because I was alone, and the word had come from nowhere. Moments later a Muse materialized, sitting on the foot of my bed, and tuning a violin.

I protested, “But I don’t know anything about Ireland. Saint Patrick and the snakes. Internecine warfare in Northern Ireland. Gerald O’Hara, in Gone With the Wind, naming his plantation ‘Tara,’ after some place in County Meath, wherever the heck that is.”

She finished tuning the fiddle, and said, “You’re pathetic. Well, here’s your first lesson: Ireland’s national symbol is the harp. It’s also my main instrument, but I had to ship it with the steamer trunk.”

Then she set down the violin, took my scribbled notes, read them, and shook her head. “When the harp gets here and I start playing it, you’ll get that scene right.”

She tossed aside the notebook, picked up the fiddle, and dashed off a quick jig. Then she said, “By the way, I’m Erato, the Muse of Love Poetry. What’s there to eat, around here? I like chocolate for breakfast.”

To be continued…. 

©2014 – 2016 Christine Plouvier. All Rights Reserved.

You can find the artist of the Daughters of Zeus here.


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