The Daughters of Zeus (4)

Weeks became months, and then years, while the other Daughters of Zeus trickled in.





Euterpe (Euti), the Muse of Lyric Poetry (or Music), contributed the lilts of Irish and Hiberno-English usage to the voices of the unknown narrator and the Irish characters, as well as the role of Irish traditional music throughout the book. She performed mood music during every writing session, compiled playlists of Irish trad and other numbers, and used my bedside boom box to fertilize my subconscious with music while I slept. Terpsichore (Terp), the Muse of Dance, connived with Euti to bring main character Dillon Carroll, a career journalist, unexpectedly alive as a singer and dancer, too.

Melpomene (Mel), the Muse of Tragedy, turned up during a thunderstorm that hurled the next-door neighbor’s tool shed into the top of a tree. She brought to light some traumatic events in the characters’ backgrounds, which had helped to make them into the persons they were when I met them.





The remaining Muses played smaller but significant roles in writing the novel. Thalia (Thal), the Muse of Comedy, collaborated with Euti on the limericks about Queen Medb of Connacht in Chapter 25, and she contributed some other moments of comic relief. Polyhymnia (Polly), the Muse of Sacred Song, helped me re-translate a favorite hymn from the German, which featured in the final chapter. Even Urania (Rani), the Muse of Astronomy, managed to get her dominion mentioned a few times, in references to the sky and stars.

To be continued…. 

©2014 – 2016 Christine Plouvier. All Rights Reserved.

You can find the artist of the Daughters of Zeus here.

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