Hath Music Charms…

IRISH FIREBRANDS: A Novel ~ and Other Works by Christine Plouvier, Indie Author

Harpe_celtiqueHarpe celtique de couleur claire, by Mac’hvala

…to sooth the savage reader?

Blogger Christine Frazier at The Better Novel Project, thinks so. She intends to “use research instead of luck to write a better novel.” Her post, “The Top 10 Ways to Write about Music,” explores the function of music in best-seller fiction.

I whipped out the ol’ search engine again, to find out how well I did in respect to hearing music – especially because, as a “pantser” who knew nothing about Ireland when I started writing the novel, I relied on luck and research. It turns out that IrishFirebrands mentions music more than 90 times: hymns, Irish Trad, choir, dance, vocal, instrumental, and even whistling.

Here are 5 of Christine’s 10 categories, illustrated by examples of the role of music in IrishFirebrands.


  1. The music began again, but departing from the energetic tempo…

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