IRISH FIREBRANDS: A Novel ~ and Other Works by Christine Plouvier, Indie Author

ArCJ_-_Deux_chevaux_-_137_J_2743_a.tifAn academic writer/editor blogger often posts “peeves” about writers’ fauxpas that she encounters during her day job. She posted one about the use of the verb, “to notice.” She advocated not using it, unless the situation is one of newly developed awareness of something that’s been there a while, and suggested sticking to the verb, “to see.”

Since one of the themes in IrishFirebrands happens to be awareness and the lack thereof, I checked my e-book edition, and discovered that characters “noticed” things (83 times) even more frequently than theysmelled  things  (61 times). This makes sense, since the main characters in IrishFirebrands seem to be badly blinkered beings.

Here are the 27 things they “noticed” in the first 11 chapters. Which ones do you think would have been better expressed as “see,” “saw,” or “seen?”

  1. The man behind the counter noticed her doubts.
  2. She’d…

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