A Sight for Sore Eyes.

IRISH FIREBRANDS: A Novel ~ and Other Works by Christine Plouvier, Indie Author


Here are the 22 “notices” from chapters 12-22 of Irish Firebrands. Even lacking context, do you think there were better ways to say these things? Would any have been improved by being written as a form of “to see?”

  1. Lana noticed his eyes darting about.
  2. She and Dillon must have crossed that road today, but distracted by his talk of England, she hadn’t noticed….
  3. She also noticed that it was getting harder to see.
  4. Then, amongst the weeds she noticed a brown sign bearing white squiggles and a leaping fish, and the words, An Bhóinn, R. Boyne.
  5. As she reached for the casement handle, she glanced downwards and noticed something on the front stoop – something colourful….
  6. That caught her off guard – she’d never thought he’d even noticed that she whistled. (NB: This one is an auditory “notice,” but at other times he probably would have seen…

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