The Eyes Have It!

IRISH FIREBRANDS: A Novel ~ and Other Works by Christine Plouvier, Indie Author


The last one-third of Irish Firebrands (chapters 23-34) contains a eyepopping 34 instances of “notice.” Should any have been expressed differently?

  1. But after their first Wednesday together, when Lana was headed back to Dillon’s flat, she observed Medb exit a shop – accompanied by some girls she didn’t recognise – and noticed that Medb’s skirt seemed to be shorter than she recalled it to have been, when the girl had changed out of her school uniform that day.
  2. As she passed the bookcases, she noticed the stack of sketchbooks again.
  3. He also noticed links about genealogy – of special interest because that was Lana’s occupation.
  4. Then he noticed John Sweeney seated on a podium at the head of the room.
  5. He didn’t know the barman, but he noticed the man look curiously at him when he placed an order for food and a fizzy drink.
  6. From the corner of his…

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