Time for an Update.

Antique Germania Clock ©1976, 2016 by Christine Plouvier.

Antique Germania Clock from Augsburg, Germany. ©1976, 2016 by Christine Plouvier.

Dear Friends,

It’s been a rough several months, what with beginning treatment for pernicious anemia; the slow, complicated recovery from two surgeries for cancer; and two invasive diagnostic procedures (I had to postpone two others, because I wasn’t up to handling any more).

I have a request. If Irish Firebrands has been on your TBR list, I’d greatly appreciate it if you’d pick up a paperback. Getting it direct from CreateSpace will cut out the greedy middleman Major Online Retailer, which likes to double-dip on its profits (because it already owns CS, and then it takes another huge cut when it sells a copy, on top of the share that CS takes when it gets a print order from said Retailer). Even a little bit bigger royalty will help a lot, because I’m disabled, living on a below-poverty-level pension, and some of the drugs I need are not covered by Medicare.

I’ll be starting the first round of chemotherapy on Tuesday, and that will last for 8 weeks. After a 3 to 4 week “rest” to let my blood recover, the second round will begin, lasting 12 weeks. If I feel up to it, I’ll be lurking, and I may leave brief comments at your blogs, but I don’t know how the drugs will affect my ability to write my own blog, so I’ve pre-scheduled some posts here, and book reviews at my Passions of Patriots blog. I hope you’ll enjoy them.

Thank you for your encouragement and support.

Yours truly,



classic cover wht

Irish Firebrands: A Novel
Fiction / Romance / Contemporary

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 Available Online and in Public Libraries, Worldwide:
Paperback ISBN-13: 978-1484165706, ISBN-10: 1484165705
B&N ID 2940016093796, E-book ISBN-13: 978-1301513826



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5 responses to “Time for an Update.

  1. Sorry to hear you are ill. Get better!

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    • Thank you, Mary. I’m doing my best not to become the wrong kind of statistic, but even with my being a retired RN, that’s a tough row to hoe.

      I see that you’ve been on the mend, too. I have a pair of Euro-style forearm crutches to help me get around, now. They’re a vast improvement over the Civil War-era-style crutches that are still the standard issue.

      How nice that you were able to attend the genealogy conference. I took genealogist training classes as university electives, and spent a good many years as a Family History Center Director and as a Family History Consultant. That experience helped inform part of what I wrote in my first novel.

      I’m glad you visited me here. It’s been a long time. Keep in touch. 🙂


  2. I do hope your health improves. I seem to remember that you are a veteran. If so, check with the VA. If it wasn’t for them I could never afford the meds I’m on. Good luck.

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    • Thanks, Rob. I’ll take your suggestion. Some help with those prescriptions would be a godsend. I do have one condition that’s service-connected, and all these years I’ve just lived with it (deferring the care to fellow vets who I felt needed it more), but it’s also getting pretty bad, now, so I’ll see what the VA says about that, too.

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  3. Ali Isaac

    That sounds like a long road to recovery. Hope you’ve got someone to help you along, not just the crutches. All the best to you Christine. Xxx

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