Masterpiece Marketplace adds Ten More Genres to its Lineup!

As reader 49lilykatz commented in Irish on a recent Irish Firebrands blog post, “Ar scáth a chéile a mhaireann na daoine. ‘Under the shelter of each other, people survive.’ Writers look out for one another.”

Looking out for one another is what my startup free promotional blog site Masterpiece Marketplace is all about. It came into being in January 2016 with coverage for two genres (Literary Fiction and Fusion Fiction). Not long after that, it acquired another blog domain and a Facebook page. Now, after looking further at the needs of readers and writers, I’ve identified ten more genres that can use the universal brand recognition that Masterpiece Marketplace can provide.

If you’re the author of an undiscovered masterpiece in any of the twelve eligible genres, please join the Masterpiece Marketplace cooperative and list your works.


Masterpiece Marketplace

Masterpiece Marketplace is recruiting Indie authors to form a cooperative promotional team for books in these independently published genres:

Literary Fiction
Fusion Fiction
Historical Fiction
Short Fiction
Inspirational Fiction
Sheet Music
Theatrical Scripts

If you are the author of an undiscovered masterpiece in any of the above genres, please join the cooperative and list your work!

Read this slideshow to find out more:

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