Plover Logo Gets a Facelift!

Plover Independent Publishing has a new look:


You can see the bird it’s based on, and the original logo I used when I published Irish Firebrands, in the “Torchlight from the Trailer” slideshow on the right-hand sidebar of this blog. The logo underwent a transitional format change when I set up The Bookplate Book, Volume 1.

The new logo is quite versatile. I can easily crop it to use only as many elements as needed, such as just the bird on the pillar, for an avatar. The elements also arrange nicely in other formats:


Such adventures in graphics are not hard to accomplish, and don’t require any special software (I used MS PowerPoint), although it might be difficult to find just the right font (this one is called “Plover,” which is the translation of my surname), because computer manufacturers have become rather stingy with the number of built-in fonts they’re willing to include (a computer I bought back in the late ’90s came with hundreds of fonts, and I’ve exported them into three later computers, so I have a nice variety to choose from). But there are freeware fonts available online.

Logos are a part of “branding,” and Independent Author-Publishers should place their own on the covers and title pages of their books, just as the traditional publishing houses do.

Do you have your own logo? Did you DIY it, or hire it out? 




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