Robert Louis Stevenson: A 19th-Century Mind on a 21st-Century Matter.

IRISH FIREBRANDS: A Novel ~ and Other Works by Christine Plouvier, Indie Author

Robert-louis-stevensonBy happy coincidence, research led me to discover Stevenson’s Essays in the Art of Writing, opening the mind of a favorite author as never before. Quoted below is his first argument in this essay, as he weighs in on a topic that seems to be just as relevant today, when Indie Authors struggle to keep their coracles of written Art afloat and headed in the right direction on the high seas of publishing.


The profession of letters has been lately debated in the public prints; and it has been debated, to put the matter mildly, from a point of view that was calculated to surprise high-minded men, and bring a general contempt on books and reading. Some time ago, in particular, a lively, pleasant, popular writer devoted an essay, lively and pleasant like himself, to a very encouraging view of the profession. We may be glad…

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