Makin’ my List and Checkin’ it Twice!


ATTENTION fellow Indies! If you publish PAPERBACKS through the CreateSpace (CS) print-on-demand (POD), I WANT TO KNOW!


I prefer to do my new book shopping directly through the POD, because YOU, MY FRIENDS, WILL MAKE MORE MONEY that way. 😀

You see, if I were to buy your books from Zon, they would skim the cream from your royalties, because they own CS, so they already get a share of what the POD makes, before they even charge authors for the privilege of having their books sold through the A-to-Z Online Retailer. (Plus, ordering direct from CS gets me my books a lot faster than going through the double-dipping middleman.)

Please list your name and paperback titles in the Light a Fire Here comment section, below. If you don’t, I shall be FORCED to buy books written by complete strangers! 😦



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One response to “Makin’ my List and Checkin’ it Twice!

  1. Ali Isaac

    I don’t think many people realise this… I don’t publish with CreateSpace, but with Feedaread, and if someone buys direct, I get almost DOUBLE the royalty. It doesn’t cost the buyer any more to do this, but I guess Amazon offer more incentives.

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