Buying Books from an Indie Author’s E-Store.

One particular Print-on-Demand (POD) could make it easier to shop for Indie Author books from their E-Store, but perhaps they have a mandate from their Owner to keep a low profile, thereby giving The Major Online Retailer the opportunity to double-dip from Indie royalties by taking a middleman’s “discount” from the retail price. Anyhow, at the website, you have to hunt for the POD E-Store, which can be accessed by clicking on a tiny drop-down menu in the upper right corner (see the red oval, below).


Clicking the Search icon takes you to the author’s page of the store catalog. Using recent screen shots of my page, these are the kinds of things you’ll see:


The titles are clickable links (see red arrows). After you choose one, you’ll be directed to the detail page for that book. To purchase, click on Add to Cart. If you continue shopping and add other items, you can click on Your Cart to complete your order (see red ovals).


From there, you’ll be sent to your shopping cart. At this point, the process is like any other secure online shopping experience. The tabs (see red oval) keep track of your progress through Check Out (see red arrow).


Whenever possible, please shop from an Indie Author’s E-store page. This will ensure that hard-working writers receive their full royalty amounts.

Thank you for your support!


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