Will the Writer of the Next Great Indie Novel Please Stand Up?

Help Wanted: Complex Novels Needed for Positions on This Bookshelf!

If your book has broken the length and genre “rules” touted by writing gurus and publishing gatekeepers, I want to hear about it!


Perhaps, if you’ve been successful with simpler genre fiction, you’ve been hesitant to write “the big one.” Maybe some guru or gatekeeper scared you off the project by saying that you’d lose your readers. Well, I have news for those gurus and gatekeepers: there are plenty of other readers waiting for the mental and emotional challenges (and even physical challenges: many big books are fat books, too) of well-written fusion fiction or literary fiction. Any prior readers who become offended by an author’s diversification of portfolio are acting like children who are shocked to see their elementary school teacher in the grocery store.

Other successful genre writers are taking the plunge. It usually takes longer to write a complex novel, so please don’t delay your magnum opus. We have many open inches on our bookshelves with your name written on them!


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2 responses to “Will the Writer of the Next Great Indie Novel Please Stand Up?

  1. Up to the challenge! Working on the ninth and final draft of my literary novel right now.

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  2. It’s nice to know there’s space on a bookshelf with my name on it. My novels tend to spill into two volumes and trilogies, so I may need more than a couple of inches. My paranormal biography of the ‘Mona Lisa’ took three huge books.

    I couldn’t agree more with branching out and trying new genres. I had an agent who wouldn’t read anything else I’d written after my first book because she’d pigeonholed me into the dreaded ‘women’s-fiction’ slot… whatever that means. Gah! Since we went our separate ways I’ve written two science-fiction mysteries, started a middle-grade series that will make its way to Y/A, two paranormal romances, and a literary fiction based on a pair of children’s shoes from the Titanic that I saw in the Halifax Maritime Museum in Nova Scotia.

    I called the enterprise finding my voice. And then I found out I had several voices.

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