My First Euroland Sales!

Autograph Books Shown to be the Most Popular Offering in Author’s Portfolio

Thank you! to my newest customer(s). I appreciate your support, and sincerely hope that you enjoy your purchases.

The performance of my expanded portfolio has been very encouraging over the past year. It took a long time (and a couple of serious illnesses) for me to discover what else I could offer my readership while my second and third novels are still in the works, but I hope the numbers shown in the chart below mean that I’m meeting the needs of book lovers all over the world.

As you can see, in my characteristic disregard of the advice of writing gurus and publishing gatekeepers, I am not confining my creative works to the same genre I entered with my first book, the Literary/Romance/Fusion Fiction novel Irish Firebrands. Although it’s a very slow seller, my first novel has been complimented and reviewed fairly and positively despite its controversial subject matter. My next two novels, a prelude and a sequel, will be similar. But just because I can see such scenes and hear that kind of dialogue doesn’t mean I can’t indulge in following other avenues of creativity and enjoy producing other kinds of books.

Nor need you avoid diversifying your portfolios, my Indie Author friends. Whatever you feel like writing, just do your best when writing it. There will always be readers out there who will rejoice in discovering your range of talents and welcoming your work into their lives.



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