Between a Pill and a Hard Place.

Why must I risk my life to take a drug that’s supposed to save my life,
when at the same time it robs me of the ability to live that life?

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    This is not just about quality of life, as vastly important as that is.

    I had a PET scan that showed no metastases before I had cancer surgery, a limited amount of I.V. chemotherapy, three dozen radiation treatments, and about nine months of every-other-day dosing with an anti-cancer pill. My most recent 3D x-ray and followup ultrasound showed no evidence of cancer regrowth in area of the tumor. Since my two autoimmune diseases (Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and pernicious anemia) are under control, too, I should feel pretty good, right?

    Nope. I feel much too ill for where my health is supposed to be. I’ve been getting worse and worse side effects from the chemo pill, and I can hardly function to do my physical therapy exercises or even just to take care of myself. I’ve been able to do some “occupational therapy” by designing a couple of dozen non-fiction books, but they’re just cut-and-paste stuff: I still haven’t been able to return to writing my next two novels.

    The adverse effects of the chemo pill (which also carries significant risks for life-threatening events) are getting in the way of the effective monitoring and management of my chronic co-morbidities (the autoimmune diseases), and are nearly obliterating my verbal creativity. In my progressively weakening state, my few family members are finding it harder to help me with activities of daily living.

    I have a life I need to get back to living.


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