Filthy Fingerprints.

Do your books have QR Codes?

QR codes are those square-shaped blotches that look like smudged thumbprints. They show up now on thousands of different products, including the bills we receive. I’ve noticed them on the back covers of the new books I’ve bought recently.

Using a QR code generator, you can program one of a number of different kinds of data into the patterned block. QR codes can be an easy way to link readers with your complete backlist, rather than by incorporating endless lists of titles or URLs into your book’s back cover, front matter or back matter. Readers who have a QR code scanner can jump to your catalog or directly to your retail pages, where they can fill their shopping carts with your books and then sign in to complete their purchases.

Free QR code generators are available for download; however, not all generators are created equal: some generate images of lower resolution than others, which affects the code image’s readability.

My mobile phone is not one of the “smart” variety that can read QR codes (although it does have the ability to go online, albeit at an exorbitant rate per minute), and frankly, my vision is too poor to be able to surf the web (for shopping or any other purpose) on such a small screen. But code scanners can be downloaded to regular computers, too.

I’m designing a catalog that will carry the QR codes for the retail pages of all my books, and my future plans are to include a code for a backlist link on my book cover revisions.

Click on the images to link to two sources for QR code generators:



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  1. Thank you for this informative post, Christine.

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