The End of an Era!

Time and tide wait for no blogger . . . .

It’s hard to believe that my art appreciation feature is more than a year old: it took more than 150 posts (three times per week) to display all the digital reproductions of the book- and reading-related artwork that I’ve collected – and there are still many more “out there,” online! They didn’t garner many comments (just a few requests for artist identification), and some of my informational posts about writing have individually spiked a great many more views, but this has been the most consistently visited feature out of everything I’ve published, during seven years of blogging. Surprisingly, many of the pictures that were most popular with viewers were drawings, instead of paintings.

For the time being, this will be the end of the book-art blog posts as a regular feature; newly acquired pictures may appear on an irregular basis. Those of you who enjoyed the pictures may like to acquire some of them in the form of bookplates, to decorate and personalize books in your own library: about one-third of the pictures were adapted and published in the first two volumes of my papercraft project:

(The third volume is specially designed for cookbooks.) These books are currently available through Amazon.

Looking ahead . . . . My weekends-in-Ireland series, “A Virtual Irish Vacation,” will continue, until I finally run through all the books in my Irish research library, which will take some time! I have writing topics I’d like to visit or revisit, plus a short series of fun posters to publish for my blog readers who are also book writers, but blogging will  begin taking a back seat to the completion of my work-in-progress, The Passions of Patriots, as well as the tying up of loose ends on other publication projects, which have been delayed during the past few years of battling cancer and chronic autoimmune diseases. (I’d have much rather spent all that time writing and publishing!)

And I will, of course, be lurking in the blogosphere, to read, “like” and comment on your blog posts! 🙂

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