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Christine Plouvier

The Novelist

Christine Plouvier was reading and writing at age 4. Her early career included manufacturing in the electronics and automotive industries, and she is a U. S. Navy veteran (military intelligence). She raised three sons and a daughter (homeschooling three of them) while earning an Associate of Applied Science in Nursing, a Bachelor of Science in Health Education / Community Health, and a Master of Science in Healthcare Administration. Christine worked eighteen years as a Certified Childbirth Educator and more than twenty years as a Registered Nurse. Her prior works include several newspaper OpEd articles, several crochet patterns published by two magazines, and two privately published self-help manuals (herbal remedies, and childbirth education). Now she writes novels: she is the author of Irish Firebrands, a full-length “fusion fiction” novel framed as a contemporary romance; her current work-in-progress is The Passions of Patriots, a historical novel framed as a family saga prelude to Irish Firebrands. Her interests include the life transitions that can drive – and be driven by – the hidden agenda of the mind.

She lives in Indiana with Oliver, a white cat that has black spots, soft fur and a good disposition, and which answers only to “Kitty.”

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