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Independent Author-Publishers Recognized by Academia! Study’s Investigator Receives Research Award.

Jennifer Murray Earns Research Award - cropped screenshot

Fabulous news for all Indie Authors! We are phenomena worthy of study – and, as this principal investigator concludes, emulation:

Novelists who choose to self-publish have found great satisfaction and meaning in writing this particular novel and they are unwilling to allow someone else to stop them from offering it to the world. Others who hesitate to pursue their dreams could learn from this determination to sidestep the gatekeepers. – Jennifer Murray, Ed.D

Jennifer Murray earned her Doctor in Education this year from Ball State University, upon her successful defense of her dissertation, Pursuing a Dream at Midlife: Self-Direction of Writers with Their First Published Novel. Last autumn, she received the 2014 Graduate Student Research Award for a preliminary report on this study, Becoming One’s Own Gatekeeper: Why Novelists Choose to Self-Publish.

Heartiest congratulations to Dr. Murray!

Read the award announcement, and the conference paper that earned the award (p. 145, or 147 as enumerated by the PDF copy):

Commentary from a Study Participant:

What can this mean to Indies, in the context of change in the book industry?

Writers who persevere and finish their works are authors. Throughout the history of literacy, authors have published their own works. Whatever may be their individual goals: wealth, fame, a decent living, family legacy, a compelling message, personal development – all are valid outcomes – now is the time for Indies to become the standard bearers and standard-setters for writing and publishing. “Indie” can rightfully assume the role of “mainstream.”

Indie Authors are also to be congratulated: They are a force to be reckoned with!

How Indies strive to accomplish their goals can influence for good not only readers and other writers, but also theory and practice among educators, psychologists, other leaders and guides, as well as learners and doers in every field of endeavor. Those who independently produce and publish their own works of Written Art are role models. Wear the title “Indie” with pride.


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Hurrah! Irish Firebrands is Now a Library Book!

My First Reader contacted me, to say that Irish Firebrands has showed up in her local library:



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A Challenge for Challengers.

Make Irish Firebrands one of your 2020 reading goals!* It fulfills almost 25% of the challenges on the list at the left.


  1. A book with more than 500 pages (in e-book)
  2. A book by a female author (yep, that’s me)
  3. A book set in a different country (Ireland)
  4. A book set somewhere you’ve always wanted to visit (I enjoyed my two-week research visit to Ireland, and I hope the story helps you feel as if you’re there)
  5. A book with a love triangle (a rivalrous triangle, including a bad-boy boyfriend and a nice guy who finishes last … but which one’s which?)
  6. A book that made you cry (it made me cry to write it, and other readers have reported that reaction)
  7. A book by an author you’ve never read before (blogging doesn’t count; BTW, how different do you think my writing is in the blog vs the book?)
  8. A book that was originally written in a different language (Commonwealth English and Gaeilge)
  9. A book written by an author with your same initials (C. P., anyone?)
  10. A book based entirely on its cover (front: a stunning digital painting; back: a beautiful claddagh ring)
  11. A book at the bottom of your to-read list (are you among the more than 100 who’ve downloaded sample from Smashwords, but haven’t got round to trying it, yet?)
  12. A book you started but never finished (if you’ve got the Smashwords preview or the PDF available from this blog, and you want to finish and review the book, talk to me via the Guestbook page on the Feedback menu.

Here are a few partial fulfillments:

A classic romance (it takes classic romance traits, tropes, themes and tableaux, and reinvents them)

A book set during Christmas (takes place over 18 months, so it includes scenes during the holiday season)

A funny book (there are some episodes of comic relief)

A mystery or thriller (there is definitely something mysterious about Drumcarroll farmhouse)

A popular author’s first book (I’m not popular yet, but it’s my first book, and your review may be the one that makes all the difference!) 😉

* List was posted at Lynette Noni’s site in 2015.



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