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An Independence Day Message:

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by | July 4, 2020 · 11:00 am

A Reader’s Insight: Ian J. Battaglia (Chicago Review of Books).


If books have any magic at all, it’s the ability to bring a reader so seamlessly close to another’s lived experiences and memories – even fictional ones – that it’s as if some of the wisdom, power, and overall emotional tenor of that life was your own. It’s this empathetic space, between memories and dreams, in which books seem to be most potent to me.

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The Resonance of Memory in “Tokyo Ueno Station”

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Coronavirus Common Sense (and a Classic Cautionary Tale).

Truth is Stranger than Fiction.

You couldn’t make this up. . . or could you? Maybe Hans Christian Andersen could. . . .

Butterfly, Be Free!

This blogger has watched with amazement the fear, panic, and hysterical overreaction to the discovery of the newest head-and-chest-cold virus to come out of China.

  • Scientists who should know better how to calculate statistics, have fudged the reported fatality rate by using the wrong denominator in the equation: If anybody in the Epidemiology class I took when I was an undergraduate had answered computation questions that way on a quiz, they would have flunked it.
  • Medical professionals who should know better have glossed over the fact that this virus acts the same way that the more than 200 other common cold viruses do: that only the elderly and those of any age who have preexisting health problems are at risk of “catching their death of cold” (as the age-old saying goes), which means that subsequent to their having caught and fought a routine respiratory infection, they are killed by opportunistic…

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