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New Free Cooperative Book Listing Site.

Announcing Masterpiece Marketplace, dedicated to serving the writers and readers of Literary Fiction and Fusion Fiction.

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Genre or Commercial Fiction doesn’t need much help getting seen and getting sold; that’s why it’s the bread-and-butter book for many authors to write. However, some authors also yearn to find an audience for their magnum opus: the lavish Literary or Fusion Fiction (multi-genre) novel they spent many loving years writing, but which may be hard to classify, and thus can’t be located amid the torrent of novellas and novelettes that flood the modern market.

There are also many readers who search for stories in which they can lose themselves for longer than a weekend afternoon. They’re the big-book fans of historical novels, family sagas, and multi-genre works that paint pictures inside their heads while portraying the intricacies of the human condition, in the literary classic writing style that can be hard to find on the virtual shelves of online retailers.

Masterpiece Marketplace exists to help bring together these writers and readers. It’s a completely free, cooperative virtual bookshop: Authors of Literary and Fusion Fiction join to list their works in blog posts that direct readers to their own blogs and retail sites; and they cooperatively help fellow writers by re-blogging others’ listings and promoting them via social networking. Readers will browse listings and click on the authors’ links to shop via their preferred retail outlets.

For wider recognition, the cooperative is also setting up shop at additional blog hosts. Book listings submitted to one Masterpiece Marketplace site will be distributed to the other domains. This is like placing your work in bookshop franchises in different cities.

There’s strength in numbers. Don’t try to market your Literary or Fusion Fiction all by yourself any more. Visit Masterpiece Marketplace today, join the cooperative, and find the readers who are looking for your magnum opus.


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Stop Writing Or The Mouse Dies.

The year’s best cat-and-writing meme! 😀

Here’s my version of Daniel’s meme:


Meme designed by Christine Plouvier. Image and text courtesy of Daniel Wallace.

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On a Personal Note….

800px-BlueNote.svgReading and writing are the only interesting things about my life, so I don’t usually post personal stuff here, but I want to thank all the busy people who have paused to peruse my blog sites. I’m grateful for your support.

A few of you are aware of some of my disabilities. I’ve been ill for a long time, and had a steep decline in health earlier this year. Recovery has been slow, but like Grant at Vicksburg, I propose to fight it out on this line if it takes all summer.


In a place as big as the blogosphere, it seems to be the height of vanity to think that among bloggers with hundreds of likes and comments, thousands of visits, and tens of thousands of followers there could be any noticeable dip in stats simply because of my lack of engagement. In the event, it’s no reflection on anybody else’s content. I just can’t keep up.

It’s been a struggle even to breathe, never mind writing my WIP, cranking out audiobook chapters of Irish Firebrands to send to my mother, and fulfilling a proofreading commitment, so blogging and following other blogs have had to be cut back. It’ll be a couple of months before it can be known what kind of progress my health may be making.

Until then, I appreciate knowing you’ve got my back covered, as I squeak along.


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