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Leaving the Pavilion.

leaving the pavilion-moon path

After Wang Wei (701 – 761)

Ala Wai, Moon Path, by Lionel Walden, 1911, oil on canvas, 18 x 30 inches

Thanks to Robert Okaji for another inspiring discovery!



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Another Author Promotion Site!

This blog is the first and the flagship of a fleet of nine sites that are a-building in the blog shipyard. One of them has pulled ahead of schedule, so brush up the formal wear, shake out the feather boas, and get the bottles of sparkling grape juice chilled for this event!

New Author Promotion Site from the Irish Firebrands fleet of blogs!

In Other News…

Bringing up a close second is The Passions of Patriots site, which was previously forecast for an end-of-summer debut, but was unavoidably delayed due to work on the Irish Firebrands audiobook project.

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The Audiobook Edition of Irish Firebrands is in final testing. In its current form it will be distributed free to those who have disabilities that prevent them from easily reading text. It has been recorded using text-to-speech technology, because the up-front fees for voice talent are unaffordable, and Irish Firebrands doesn’t sell well enough in other formats to make an audiobook royalty split an attractive option for professional narrators.

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So if you’re one of the courageous horde who downloaded the 51% preview of Irish Firebrands to your e-reader’s TBR, please pull it up and give it a try. Those who’d like to finish the book can order a complete copy (digital or paper) from the fine retailers featured in the right sidebar. Your purchase will improve the stats that help make professional recording possible.

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Final Ascent.

stony path
ahead, leads up
a cold mountainside
to an old village amid a
thick mist; the sun sets, but
I halt my litter among the leaves,
for the flaming maples heat my heart
more now, than did the spring blossoms,
on that long-ago morning when I left home.

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text © 2014 Christine Plouvier

Inspired by Tu Mu (803–852)

Thanks to Robert Okaji for introducing this poet!

audiobook logoSeeking Visually Disabled Beta Readers for Irish Firebrands text-to-speech (TTS) audiobook testing. Click HERE for Details.


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