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I was nominated for this recognition by Kimberly Mellor. I’d been  blogging for less than 90 days, at the time, and had not connected with enough bloggers to reciprocate the nomination.


I was nominated for this recognition by Rachel Carrera. As with the prior award, it has been hard to identify a sufficient number of other bloggers to reciprocate: Some already have these awards; some do not want to be nominated; and some links lead to static pages that only advertise a product or service. Such is the blogosphere!

liebster-blog-awards-2I was nominated for this recognition on by phantomwriter143 at Inkcouragement. Blogs with fewer than 200 followers are qualified for this nomination, so the intent is to help increase traffic, but the number of bloggers who decline to participate in such activities seems to be increasing, so I won’t be tagging others.

My Liebster Award Random Facts:
1. As a child, I had a pet duck named Drusilla.
2. I was programming computers before most of today’s users were born.
3. Somehow, I raised the only three males in America who detest sports.
4. I know just enough music theory to be dangerous.
5. Ditto for Gaeilge, Deutsch, and Español.
6. I’ve eaten snapping turtle.
7. More than five years ago I went gluten-free, and never looked back.
8. I don’t watch commercial television.
9. My favorite subject in high school was history.
10. I’ve worn the same pair of croc-clones for so many years, I’ve forgotten my shoe size.
11. The average number of kids per family in my generation of my extended family is exactly 2.3.

When I tried this statistical analyzer at http://iwl.me, I was told some strange things about my writing style.

My blog (4 recent long posts analyzed): I Write Like H. P. Lovecraft_Page_1

I only read one of his short stories 40 years ago, and that was enough for me!

My book (based on the first 4 chapters):

I Write Like Stephen King_Page_1I Write Like James Joyce_Page_1I ran complete POV sections through the analyzer, and each one came up either King or Joyce. I’ve only read King’s memoir, never any of his fiction, and 40 years ago I read a few pages of Joyce’s A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, but never finished the book, and never tried reading anything else he wrote.