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Monday’s Meme

Reading: the Ultimate Trip!

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A Monday Meme

Reading: the Ultimate Trip!


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Indie Author Flag!

Indie Author’s Flag

Let Freedom Ring! The Imdie Authors’ Independence Day Celebration continues, with the adoption of Our Flag! If we’re not having fun writing, we’re not doing it right!

Thanks to Geraldine Evans, whose comment on Indie Author Coat of Arms! inspired this post.

Click on the image to print this poster, to go with your copies of The Indie Author’s Arms, Desiderwriter and the Authors’ Anthem. All handouts will be available on the Downloads page, too (see main menu, above).

Please advise if any of the PDFs don’t load or print correctly. I’ve used a large number of decorative fonts in my downloadable documents. If ugly, sans-serif fonts are substituted, it means the decorative fonts didn’t embed properly. Thanks!

To copy Badge and/or Flag image to your sidebar:

I put new images on my sidebar and as I did so, I described what I did. (Mine is a free site, so if this doesn’t work for yours, you’ll have to look for instructions from WP’s Help section, or contact tech support for a walk-through.) For anyone who may be starting at zero, here’s what to do:

‘Save As’ desired image to your computer’s desktop (makes it easier to find than going to Downloads or some other folder). In WP, go to Dashboard. Go to Media, Add New. Upload image to Media Library (Select Files button, or downsize browser window to click, drag and ‘Drop files here’.)

After image loads, click on it. Attachment Details will open. Hover over ‘URL’ box on the right side of the screen. Right click. Contents of the box will highlight (change color) automatically, but Select All, anyway, just to be sure. Right click again. Copy.

Go to Widgets. Drag a new Image widget to sidebar. It should open automatically. In ‘Image URL’ box, right click. Paste. Adjust image alignment, and add titles, text and caption (all optional). Save. If you want to adjust the size of the image, you’ll have to do that manually. (To preserve the right proportions, use a calculator.) Close widget. Adjust position on sidebar by dragging image widget box to desired location in the lineup.

To link sidebar image to a PDF: Upload the PDF file to Media Library. After document loads, click on it. Attachment Details will open. Hover over URL box, right click. Select All. Right click. Copy.

Go to Widgets. In the desired Image widget, hover over box under ‘Link URL (when the image is clicked):’ Paste. Save. Refresh your blog page. The new image should appear in the sidebar. If it’s linked to a PDF, when you click the image, the document will load in the same browser window, so if you forget and close it, you’ll have to log in to WP again. To prevent this from happening, hover over sidebar image, right click and open link in new tab or new window (depends on browser settings).


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